76 thoughts on “AURAT MARCH!

  1. Mehwish Zaffar Reply

    میں یہاں خود سوشل ورکر کے طور پر کام کر رہی ہوں۔پی ایچ ڈی حضرات کی بیگمات ان سے تنگ ہیں۔مطب تعلیم نہیں۔
    اصل تربیت

  2. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    Toseef ab ur contribution has been wonderful polite and ur patience amazing … It’s all of that I am here with show even couple of assignments in pending status .. Tauseef sb Ms sundas Sameera mam, Rana sb and the Great Aijaz sb wonderful session with healthy relevant and to the point session thank u AQ show

  3. Mehwish Zaffar Reply

    سر آپ کا وہ لنک میرے پاس سے چلا گیا۔ان شاء اللہ اگلی دفعہ آپ لوگوں کے ساتھ شامل ہوں گیں۔

  4. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    It’s great Ms Mehwish Khan the journalist …it’s great when I see energetic and passionate women being mother and surely u r an amazing inspiration for ur kids an other mothers specially demestic women

  5. Hira Gill Reply

    Apna moza khud dhondo….. yaha ourto ko is bat pay mar khaty dekha hai khana time pay nahe bana ……
    Meri maa ki bat ka jawab dea …..
    Job choro ya ghar chor dou …..
    Yhe batay hain jo discuss karni hai
    Yaha orato ko haq dein …..
    Baki fazoool poster ki baty galat hain

  6. Hira Gill Reply

    Or yhe many kud dekha hai phari likhi larkio pay zulum …..
    Dr ki degree k bad b job choro … ya ghar chor dou

  7. Farzana Shah Reply

    To keh saktay hyn k ghr k mahol pe Sb se ziyada tawaju ki zuroorat hy ta k bachon ki perwarish aisi ho sakay k ye masaa’el he peda na hn

  8. Hafiz Muhammad Aslam Reply

    جی بہت اچھا جا رہا ہے شو عورت ہمیشہ گھر بناتی ہے عورت کا گھر بنانے میں تربیت کرنے میں اچھا کردار ہوتا ہے

  9. Rizwan Ashraf Reply

    Turshi bhai it’s exception about such men who r victims …. More of women r victims but we have family system where we can resolve issues internally rather then on roads!

  10. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    Right is right even no one is doing g it and wrong is wrong even everyone is doing it…so women right is our responsibility to protect their rights .. if a commit crime it doesnt mean that’s not crime so ..I always stand with human rights for both W and M

  11. Umaer Abid Reply

    Please read the book .. RECLAIM YOUR HEART .. from yasmine Mogahed. Is women empowerment ka bara clear scenario milay ga aap ko

  12. Shahid Hussain Reply

    I suggest you should not allow your platform for this controversial issue, our religion has defined the rule of life for both man & women – sorry cant copy west culture.

    • Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala Reply

      Shahid Hussain sahib, I normally don’t do shows on these types of topics but several close friends have asked and encouraged me to do this show.

      You are my teacher, and your advice is of utmost importance to me. I will refrain from doing these types of shows in future Insha’Allah.

      Jazak’Allah Khair! A lots of respect for you always!

      • Amna Fazal Reply

        Shahid Hussain yes rules are defined but no one acting upon those rules., this prot is to force people to implement those rules

  13. Farooq Ishraq Reply

    This was needed Show Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala sb Infact Big Thank you the subject Matter needs a discussion a discourse in the public square !!

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