Conversation with Ms. Shelly Singh from Vancouver Canada

Conversation with Ms. Shelly Singh from Vancouver Canada about her life experiences to inspire the global youth.

This will be a Live session where you can ask Ms. Shelly questions by coming online.

Here are the steps you do to come on screen:
1. Click on the below link
2. Click on Install BeLive Client app (iOS or Android)
3. Join as a Guest
4. You will stay in the lobby, I can see you in the lobby
5. I will bring you online when appropriate

Here is the link for you to come on screen:

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98 thoughts on “Conversation with Ms. Shelly Singh from Vancouver Canada

  1. Kanwal Singh Reply

    Shelly has immense reach with audience in Vancouver. Appreciate this exposure. We all need to stand by her. She has much to give to society. Im proud of her

  2. Yawer Iqbal Reply

    Good work Aijaz sahab, please keep doing it.

    A suggestion is before interview please give a little intro (work / achievements) or link to guest’s profile, so without prior introduction people may ask good and relavent questions.

    • Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala Reply

      Thank you Yawer Iqbal bhai for appreciating our work. Your suggestion is noted and I’m sure that I included a brief about our esteemed guest in the BeLive invite and the info-graphic that I shared earlier with all FB Friends. The info-graphic is tagged and friends can go to our guest’s profile page to take a look at their work and interests. I hope this helps.

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