Dr. Aanchal Arora in a LIVE Talk Show with Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

Dr. Aanchal Arora in a LIVE Talk Show with Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

Show Topic: Success Secrets

Guest: Dr. Aanchal Arora – Assistant Professor in Commerce, Singer, Actress, Anchor, Poetess, Writer, Shayra, Dancer,Theatre Artist, Yoga Trainer, Painter & Photographer.

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58 thoughts on “Dr. Aanchal Arora in a LIVE Talk Show with Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

  1. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    very informative session and hopefuly it will impact well on viewers and listeners including me ! Thank u Anchal and sir Aijaz being passionate ….

  2. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    inherited being commerce sode or singing as i am memon our community prefer economical betterment so what made u to choose artistic or commerce side which one of these twocommerce or artistic

  3. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    Dr Anchal naturaly she is full of artistic side 🙂 superb voice its great being full of talent .. i call such people “Antibiotic” s one with every remedy 🙂

  4. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    Great to know that u r also working for women empowerment plz let us know that what main issue u found on priority on women side i also belong to international development community so it would be great to know from ur side about the main issue u found with women of ur viciity or area… and what solution u suggest for that so that we may get inspired of that !

  5. P Preet Kaur Reply

    Sir u r very deep listener i can see in u

    Would u mind to tell us how are u connected with music surr and beats so deeply ?

  6. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    May u stay blessed for ur passion for urself and people ! its been great being part of session thank u sir Aijaz for creatig sucha great platform and May people around the globe get attached to head ahead the mission with sincerity ! i am always volunteer for great cause

  7. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    yes sir Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala Many people around the globe trying to make career but they are not truely working on that as they are making carrier rather to plan as career….CAREER- Successful both parts of life academic and professionl and CARRIERIS that carries anything so our youth need to get clear of this !

  8. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    Wah Dr anchal isnpired ofur principles stay blessed i realy enjoyed the session.. i am also a trainer and i feel when people listen u that means u r doing best ! and when they keep attached wit te chair that means Sir Aijaz show nd Dr Anchals session has been excellent 99/ 100 thank u multitalented lady

  9. P Preet Kaur Reply

    Only organic tulsi and gloy juice these both will make ur immune sustem strong and organic tulsi is specialised for any allergy

  10. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    agree person must find passion in the work that he/ she is working for and yes before age of 27 its optional but when we cross 30 years age there should not be any diversion that gets locked at te age of 40 years and we go ahead with that along the rest of the life ! 🙂

  11. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    got refreshed because of this session it has been too long that stucked in busy schedule of trainings thank u great man Sir Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala love u sir and may u stay healthy smiling and ful of fun with us !

  12. DrAanchal Arora Reply

    Thank u so much everyone for wonderful compliments and applause. M really really overwhelmed to all of u especially Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala sir and Dreams TV

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