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  1. Piyush Shimpi Reply


    🙂 Hows u ? <3 Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala

    :|] Bot By 😎 Piyush Shimpi

    O:) Wednesday -> 17/1/2018 -> 09:44 PM (BD)

    -=[[ BotBoss_Top ]]=-

  2. Shah Muhammad Khan Reply

    My school is shortlisted in Atiq Khattak sahb competition. InshaAllah i hope that he will help us because we are working for educational prosperity in most tmeffected area (Bannu) from Terrorism. Sir Ijaz qureshi you will find us very effective

  3. Shah Muhammad Khan Reply

    Rehan Allahwala thank you. I have done with my MS in Marketing and i am much intrested in doing business. I have grom from only 60 rupees of onvestment and today i am having business worth of more than 20 lacs

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