Free WiFi Hotspots in Punjab

According to the PITB Chairman, Dr. Umar Saif the Government of Punjab is providing free WiFi hotspots to general public in major metropolitan areas. This is great effort for the masses who can not afford their own Internet connections to still be able to participate in social media and other productive activities.This a great service for the masses to be part of the global outreach and this will bridge the communication gap between normal people of Pakistan and rest of the world.

This is a great opportunity for the Pakistani youth to use this service to launch their online presence by offering products and services to international customers and bring some foreign exchange into the country. This will not only help Pakistan in general but particularly individually the people offering online services to make some income for their sustainment.

I am sure that this service will be monitored and controlled with some inappropriate sites being blocked so that the users of this service can stay focused and use this service for all productive purposes and reasons.

Long Live Pakistan!

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