Have underprivileged and unemployed youth trained to earn online

We are looking for sponsors who can donate generously to have underprivileged and unemployed youth trained on making money online. The first step in starting an online business is to build the required skills foundation. I’m Teachable Professional is a course that is a great starter course for anyone. The cost to sponsor one youth is US$10 that goes to the charity.

Course description

An Online Workshop to learn the basic foundation of First Impression Success and showcase yourself as professional to connect with professionals from around the world so they accept you and are willing to work with you. Discover the Basic foundation of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to set yourself for ultimate professional career success.
Therefore, please come forward and Sponsor at-least one youth so that they can make living by doing respectable job.
For your generous donations, please visit http://learn.gsefoundation.org/pages/changealife

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