Learn Blockchain for Business with Dr. Aijaz Qureshi

Learn the #Blockchain for Business with Dr. Aijaz Qureshi and Others.

Level: Beginner
Language: English
Course Fee: FREE

This course will describe the Blockchain basic concepts related to business, Building Blocks, and how the Block-chain for Business works along with applicable scenarios.

This short course will cover below-mentioned topics:
What is Blockchain?
Why is it relevant to our business?
What help is available for you to apply Blockchain?

This will be an Online course taught in English language, start date, duration, video conference link, will be communicated to the registered participants only. Friends with a Laptop along with the Internet will be able to join this course.

If you would like to join this course, Please fill out and submit the below Registration Form. Please ensure to answer all questions responsibly. Anyone from anywhere in the world can register.

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