LIVE Show with Iqbal Badaruddin Jamal on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

LIVE Show with Iqbal Badaruddin Jamal on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

Show Topic: Climate Change

Guest: Iqbal Badruddin Jamal – Climate Activist

Iqbal Badruddin from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is a climate activist and the lead organizer Fridays For Future Pakistan Campaign. He has a BS degree in International Relations and now working towards making climate education common for everyone.

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16 thoughts on “LIVE Show with Iqbal Badaruddin Jamal on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

  1. Muzna Qayyum Reply

    when I started my bachelors, I wanted to choose geography and environmental sciences as a subject because at that time I was really researching for subjects and found these really good one , But destiny wanted me to be an HR person

  2. Muzna Qayyum Reply

    ozone layer is also now adays a huge stress (for those who knows how harmful it would be if it will be destructed) So can you also give a request message to our people what they need to stop , because I also had done research on ozone replication and It gave me stress to know how harmful it would be

  3. Waleed Ahmed Khan Reply

    What are your thoughts on Geo-engineering, HAARP (Hyper Active Autoral Program) and the fact that weather modification is being used as war weapons?

  4. Muzna Qayyum Reply

    main thing our industrial waste needs to be fixed , coz unfortunately industrial wastes is being thrown in water, 2nd point is when we burn wastes in villages that smoke also is dangerous for climate , 3rd thing smoke from our traffic it is also bad , I really appreciate how managed the sysytem is here in europe as per my experience I can say they are working on these things , I wish in pakistan also there should be some awareness for this environmental care ,,and now I think I should stop asking and let other people participate too

  5. Waleed Ahmed Khan Reply

    Nature is way more powerful to take care of itself! Problem starts when humans try to play God! Hurricanes, tsunamis, floods and earthquakes are also man made. Look into this. Weather modification is taking place as we discuss this now. Look into CHEMTRAILS too. Only few countries possess these powerful weapons.

  6. Waleed Ahmed Khan Reply

    Pakistan is one of the countries in the world who will be hit severely by the drastic changes in weather especially Karachi and Lahore and yet our people are still being irresponsible along with some governing bodies in government especially in Sindh, Balochistan & Punjab.

  7. Waleed Ahmed Khan Reply

    Awareness alone won’t di anything unless there’s proper legislation for law in this direction. Hmari qom thori c dheet or ignorant hai.

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