LIVE Talk Show, Dr. Hifza Khan with Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing SKZ

LIVE Talk Show, Dr. Hifza Khan with Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing SKZ

Show Topic: Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal! (SKZ)

Show Guest: Dr. Hifza Khan – Pharmacist / Founder & CEO of Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal (SKZ)

Dr. Hifza Khan’s Short Bio:
Everyone has a story of his life, some are adventurous, some very tough while others don’t face many twists and turns but what if someone’s life story is to shape others’ life stories? Among such a few stories is the story of Dr. Hifza Khan who helped hundreds of children change their life stories and is continuing to do so.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Hifza was one of few individuals who always thought of others before her own self. Tales of social work inspired her from a very young age. “When I get old and will reflect back on my life, I desire to be the reason someone smiled, someone progressed, someone survived and that is the dream of my life, my ambition, my only purpose!”, she always used to say. Luckily, life gave her a chance to fulfill her dream.

On the path of acquiring her professional degree in pharmacy, Hifza came across many individuals who were in a bad shape financially. She collected funds from her university fellows and kept aiding those in need, be it grocery shopping for them or affording school fees of their children. These small tasks of social work further elevated her thirst for doing something sustainable and long-term that has a further influence on the social and economic picture of Pakistan.

On one summer day of July 2017, Hifza finally set out to quench her thirst by visiting the slums of Lahore. The scorching sun blazing at 46-degree celsius in the month of Ramzan was enough to stop anyone from going out but not Hifza. Ascending through broken stairs and dark narrow streets, she was determined to face every challenge. The life stories were horrible in those areas of Lahore, people lived hand to mouth but some were even worse. Small children were the sole bread earners of large families. Women were helpless and clueless. But that was exactly the area that needed a change, that demanded someone’s attention.
“I talked to these people, I tried to gain their trust so they could open up to me. They were distressed financially, socially and emotionally but their biggest desire was that their children don’t end up where they are in their life. So I knew that is where I needed to begin”, Hifza summed up the beginning of her journey. The next step was to make some collaborative effort and it was most convenient at her home institution. She sought students of various departments that were willing to volunteer and offer services related to their field. The adamant youngsters under the leadership of Dr. Hifza Khan first set up a camp in the slum area of Sabzazar and started educating the children by collecting some books, boards, stationery, and bags. To their surprise, the response was amazing. Soon around 50 to 60 students started coming to the camp on a regular basis. However, the major hurdle was that the camp could not survive the weather conditions and it was not enough to cater to a large number of students. Dr. Hifza explained, “The camp fell down with strong wind and rain and we had to set it up again. Then we decided to get these children admitted to the nearest government school but we soon came to know it was not a good idea as they already have a low teacher to student ratio. Then we turned to the private schools and collected funds to afford their fees but that also failed as the parents of previous students were not happy about slum’s children studying with theirs.”

This was the point when the Saya Khuadaya e Zuljalal (SKZ) organization came into being with the struggle of Hifza Khan. Dr. Hifza Khan through the platform of SKZ founded the first-ever school of Pakistan for nomads’ children, SKZ Model School.

SKZ Model School provides quality education to the children in the slums area. It brings together professionals from various fields that employ their specific expertise to run and manage the school activities. Like any other costly school in a posh area, SKZ Model School manages the regular attendance, arrange qualified teachers, conduct examinations, organizes co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students, work on enhancing the special skills of students such as debates, dramatics, sports or arts, arrange teacher’s training workshops and take care of renovations whenever needed. The project of SKZ Model School is expanding continuously with three other branches in Lahore and with a mission of covering the whole of Pakistan.

SKZ Organization is now a recognized name in many sectors as it unites individuals from different sectors of life including but not limited to teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, writers, psychologists, social workers, musicians, poets, entrepreneurs, and social media managers. With the teamwork, the organization conducts successful fund-raising programs, food drives, plantation campaigns, mental health awareness, End Polio programs, health camps and much more.

Dr. Hifza Khan, having acquired a degree in Pharmacy, is now more active than ever. She leads the campaign of “No Hate in my State”. Her interpersonal communication skills and assertiveness has aided her long way in making public relations with people from every walk of life and taking the SKZ to new heights. She has signed a memorandum of understanding with media groups of City42 and PAK360 along with other non-profit organizations such as Youth General Assembly and Rotary International. Further, she has two major projects on her radar, evening classes of skill development for parents of the children at SKZ Model Schools and contributing to the betterment of Pakistan’s health sector.

In the recognition of efforts made by Dr. Hifza Khan through the SKZ organization, several news channels and print media covered their projects and conducted interviews. Also, she won the Rotary Young Leadership Award. In particular, the biggest moment was to reach the international level when the BBC called Dr. Hifza Khan for making a documentary on her achievements as a social worker. However, in the midst of all the appreciation and admiration received, she still remembers why she started, what are her core values, why she is here and she won’t stop till she gets there!

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  1. Ansa Fatima Reply

    ALLAH apny bando KO chun leta hy makhlooq ki khidmat k lye and you are one of them and great leader and humble person as well

  2. Aamir Butt Reply

    ڈاکٹر حفظہ خان اللّه آپ کو مزید عزت اور کامیابی نصیب کرے اور آپ اسی جوش و جذبے کے ساتھ انسانیت کے کام آتی رہیں آمین

  3. Aamir Butt Reply

    Dr. Hifza Khan Meri Dheron Duaein Aap Ke Liye Aur Aap Ki Puri Family Especially Aap Ke Parents Ke Liye Jinhon Ne Aap Ki Itni Achi Tarbiyat Ki Really Proud Of U ….

  4. Ansa Fatima Reply

    Mjhy lgta hy logon KO marna yaad hy magar unky dimaag me ye bat beth gyi hy k Humari bakhsish ki bht dua ki hy Nabi Pak (S A.W) ny to humara hisab nhi hoga ya humy aisy hi jannat me bhej dia jayga ye soch lya h unhony

  5. Numan Tahir Reply

    Yeh wo waqt hai jab tamam muslims community ko akatha hona chaie lekin unfortunately hum abi bi aik dosray kay ki tangen khench rahy hain… ALLAH maaf kary

  6. Aamir Butt Reply

    Sir Masha ALLAH Se Aaj Ka Show And Guest Dr. Hifza Khan Bohat He Behtareen Hain Zabardast Kaam Kr Rahin Hain ALLAH inn Ke Kamon Mein Barkat Atta Kare Sir Suchi Aap Ke Show Se Bohat Kuch Acha Seekhne Ko Milta Hai

  7. Ansa Fatima Reply

    Or afsos ki bat hy doctors b wo kits jo unhony skz sy li hy unhy black me zyada paiso ki dusre doctors nurses KO bech rhy hain Afsos hy ..

  8. Numan Tahir Reply

    Sir ap bohat acha kam kar rahy hain.. Ap aisay logon ko screen pay lay kay aty hain jo apny hisa ka diya chala rahy han… ALLAH pak ap ko ur in jasy logon ko is jahan main na sirf aglay jahan main zarur ajar dy ga….

  9. Numan Tahir Reply

    Dr hifza imran khan sb bi task force announce kar chukay hain.. Us main bi skz kay member registration karen.. Ur hamen govt kay sath kharay hona chaie…

  10. Ansa Fatima Reply

    Sir Aijaz apka b bht shukriya apny itna support kiya hy apsy mili b school me you are such an inspiration for me and many people

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