LIVE Talk Show with Amber Huq and Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing Flourishing our Youth.

LIVE Talk Show with Amber Huq and Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing Flourishing our Youth.

Show Guest: Amber Huq – TV Host & Social Activist

Show Topic: Flourishing our Youth

Amber Huq from New Jersey, NJ, USA was born in Saudi Arabia live there till the age of 10 years of age and moved to Pakistan with my grandmother nani ( as schools were closed in Saudi Arabia the Pakistani community school) was military base school as Pakistan military was training Saudi military in those days.

Finished my F.s.c from Lahore and did my B.Sc from F 7/2 lslamabad in 1996 and went to Bangladesh as cross student study to do my Masters in psychology 1998 graduated from Dhaka University ( oxford of East) and stated my 1st job at Master Mind as School educational counselor. I was the 1st ever counselor they ever had and it was a private prestigious high school. Did my India tour which was amazing specially for a Pakistani student. I was the 1st Pakistani foreign student in Dhaka university after 1971 war. And got lots of lash back from local students because there was so much suffering and us (pakistani) doesn’t know 10% of real history. It was a shock for me and my sister but we still had a wonderful time. Got married 1999 and came to USA and have been living in NJ since. My inlaw are from Bangladesh and my dad is from Bangladesh but he studied in pakistan Karachi and is a true Pakistani at heart as he served in Pakistan navy under MOH. Therefor I am half paki and half bungali but as my watun place of birth is saudi I have deep connection with land!

I work as Infant toddler specialist for my county at NJ but I am also the 1st Muslim woman from South Asian background as a commissioner of task force at my city Paterson, I am an advanced nurtured heart trainer where I deal with challenging kids of all ages and there families and teachers and caregivers. I worked as an assistant director of a residential site ( like juvenile center ), I am the muslim leader of salam solum interfaith group, on the board of BAWDI, on the board of Neighbourhood association and many more cant think of everything. Part of reverts and converts at ICPC mosque and give lectures at local mosque .

My husband and I also do free health fair for the community where we screening for blood pressure, blood sugar, eye exam and dr. Visit on the spot from last 3 years all free. Have 3 kids Alhumdulilah my daughter is the 1st Pakistani / Bangladeshi girl to join USA Navy last summer very proud of her. Older son is Insha Allah graduating middle school and starting high school in September and youngest guy is in 6th grade. My husband is from Bangladesh originally but came to united stated in 60s they were among the 1st Bangladeshi families migrated to USA so this land is his land. He is Dr. & Hospital administrative Nursing dep ADN for 2 hospitals in NJ also a Professor at William Paterson University for Nursing department . A very humble and simple guy Alhumdulilah and at the same time success behind my each community engagement, without his support nothing would be possible. Thank god very thankful for everything and looking forward to many more.

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41 thoughts on “LIVE Talk Show with Amber Huq and Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing Flourishing our Youth.

  1. Tahira Awan Reply

    Amber please tell us on how to make our youth understand and accept the religion and culture, in this westren world.

  2. Suneel Gaur Reply

    chamcha— chamchagiri bahut zaroori hai.

    padosan– aaj kal achchchi nahi miltin

    kamyaabi— luck and hard work

    ghada—bechara mehnti hai



    sukoon— duniya mein nahi hai

    chalaaki–‘ zyada der nahi chalti

    driver— i am my own driver

    waqt– mein beeta hua waqt nahi hoon jo laut ke nahi aaye

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