LIVE Talk Show with Farah Khan on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

LIVE Talk Show with Farah Khan on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

Show Topic: Flexible Career Options and Opportunities

Show Guest: Farah Khan – Marketer & Business Strategist / Event Planner / Change Catalyst / Thinker

This is what Farah shares about her:

I have created two career paths running side by side. One is my day job and the second is my business consulting & outsourcing services business. Both of these occupations have exposed me to different working experiences, and help me build a diverse skill set and knowledge base and familiarizing me with diverse working patterns.

My day job is about marketing, coordination, communicating and managing healthcare and IT projects. I also have hands-on experience in conference and event management & have organized more than 50+ corporate events since 2011, including both small & large-scale audiences ranging from 25 people to as many as 700 professionals.

Coming to my outsourcing business profile: I am an Outsourcing Specialist with 6+ years of work experience. II have successfully delivered 38 Kindle eBooks, 50+website development projects, 60+animated and corporate explainer videos,& 80+ graphic designing projects.

While managing outsourcing projects, I have gained extensive experience in business
development, Upwork agency’s account management &is also able to holistically train, developand manage a technical team.

My team management experience encompasses creation job opportunities, hiring, and training and development of the required people so that they are able to give the deliverables and dojustice to their job description independently.

My work experience with diverse national & international clients from SMEs, start-ups, incubation centers & private companies allows me to pass on the teachings to my team with includes greater flexibility and an innovative approach towards business problem-solving.

Currently, I am pursuing my certification in managing remote teams and coaching courses.

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