LIVE Talk Show with Haseena Channar and Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing Youth Empowerment

LIVE Talk Show with Haseena Channar and Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing Youth Empowerment.

Show Guest: Haseena Channar – Motivational Speaker / Trainer

Show Topic: Youth Empowerment

Haseena Channar is originally from Kandiaro Sindh and now settled in Hyderabad Sindh. She is working as a Teaching Assistant and Motivational Speaker and Trainer.

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44 thoughts on “LIVE Talk Show with Haseena Channar and Aijaz Qureshi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing Youth Empowerment

  1. Sumera Adil Reply

    I am also an educationist and really working hard to develop educational strategies among students and teachers …believe me itโ€™s not that easy as parents think

  2. Bushra Bilal Reply

    Mere nazdeek jo taleem hasil karne ka shoq rakhte hen, facilities na hone ke bawajood bhi parh kar dikhate hen aur jo nahin parhna chahte woh wasail ke bawajood bhi kuch nahi karpate ,Insan ke apne oper depend karta he , Parhne wale goverment school se bhi parh kar ala maqam hasil karte hen , aur jo excuses dete hen woh basically hamesha he excuses dete hen , Insan ko rasta khud nikalna parta he kamyaab hone ke lie.

  3. Sameera Butt Reply

    Apk andar loyality honi chahye . Or mai kisi empowerment ko ni manti because jo power mai ata wo e pagal ho jata hai? Man empowerment mai unho ne power ka missuse kiya ab jb women empowerment hai to womenโ€™s missuse kr rahi. Equality or respect ko smjh a chahye per yaha her koi ek dusrey k sir pe bethna chahta hai bas

  4. Abdul Ghafoor Panhwar Reply

    Lack of public empowerment is every where in third world countries, where male are not empowered, they are hooked up or hijacked, so girls and boys never wait just get up to work and live healthier life.

  5. Kamran Ali Tagar Reply

    Haseena Channar is the great personality of our society and very educated person May God give you lots of success Mam stay blessed always everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ Heartly congratulations for this successfull session

  6. Soonhan Younis Reply

    My fav girl always all rounder u r my fav one Haseena Channar my swwetheart my best frend my jan ur efforts are such admireable i do not admire any one easily but u know i cant stop my heart to appreciate u because ur strengths ur hardworking attracts me

  7. Shona Abro Reply

    Hahaha love u jani Haseena Channar last wala segment acha tha bhot haha aj naam leti tou whatsupp per tum ko batati main hahaha .

      • Haseena Channar Reply

        Love you too jani #Shona Abro my best friend i got the chance and called upon your name warna bolti mujhay K mein ny bhula dia but mein u ko bholun yai ho nh sakta ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Haseena Channar Reply

          Sir #Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala meri friend Shona Abro meri vaat laganay mein champion hai recently she got married and I am writing down the diary for her our friendship is unique during uni final days we used to have shirt and diary jo ham general friends ko comment kartay hain ham ny ek dusray ko nh likha tha we had decided at that time during Marriage event of either her or mine we, ll give gift in the shape of handwritten diary due to job responsibilities I was not able to maintain diary for her but soon I,ll invite her and gift her that diary so #Shona Abro i know u are too much excited for having it

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