LIVE Talk Show with Nazia Mustafa on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

LIVE Talk Show with Nazia Mustafa on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

Show Topic: Parenting

Show Guest: Nazia Mustafa – Journalist / TV Anchorperson

Nazia Mustafa is a journalist. She worked with Print media, Electronic media and Broadcast media. Nazia have worked with Jehan Pakistan, Nawa e waqit, Dunya and Jehaan Pakistan News Paper as Columnist. She also worked with Radio Pakistan as an Anchor/Analyst in Current Affairs programme. Nazia served Government Institution Academy of Letters as Assistant Director. She’s former Bol news Analyst/Anchor. She’s currently working with Aap News as Anchor of Program Mutbadil Biyania.

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17 thoughts on “LIVE Talk Show with Nazia Mustafa on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

  1. Izhaanuu Izh Reply

    This is very important in tgis age if yu won’t discuss it with parents thn definitely you’ll go out and find someone to share yur feelings and all

  2. Izhaanuu Izh Reply

    For this we have to be extra vigilant what kids are doing using and how much time they are spending on technology and social media

  3. Izhaanuu Izh Reply

    It’s the difference of mindset our parents have their own mindsets like about cinemas friends get together and all the stuff which kids need nowadays…

  4. Syed Sharifuddin Reply

    چھوٹے بچوں کی شخصیت مے ایک اور خوف ڈالا جاتا ھے وہ فرضی “بابا بڈھا” ھے۔ اسکو نکا لین اور دیکھیں بچے مے کتنا اعتماد پیدا ھو گا۔

  5. Syed Sharifuddin Reply

    بچہ جسمانی طور پر تو اوپر جا رھا ھوتا ھے لیکن عقلی اور شعوری طور پر دبا دبا رہتا ھے۔ this need to be changed.

  6. Izhaanuu Izh Reply

    Don’t yu think that our generation ,youth, kids have awareness and they are learning these things but their parents have lack of understanding and distance between them keeping this in mind we should have some awareness sessions for parents..

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