LIVE Talk Show with Saher Ali on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

LIVE Talk Show with Saher Ali on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

Show Topic: Domestic Violence on Men

Show Guest: Saher Ali – Social Activist

Saher Ali from London, UK is a social activist working for the community fighting for human rights. She believes it is important that all groups are equally represented. Saher is also working as a diabetic specialist practictioner.

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63 thoughts on “LIVE Talk Show with Saher Ali on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

  1. Nadeem Ahmed Gujjar Reply

    Saher madam aap to legend ho me aap ka fan hon aap ka her program dekhta hon masha Allah AAP her matter ko bohat deeply and openly discuss kerti ho is liye mujhye bohat asha lagta

  2. Waleed Ahmed Khan Reply

    Generally people are not aware of basics of psychology & humnan behaviors. That’s why in conflicts, things tend to escalate. Egoes are involved & things go south.

  3. Waleed Ahmed Khan Reply

    My question was about Mrs. Khan (who run matrimonial services) she recently scolded ladies saying that they should control their tongues & learn kitchen skills.

  4. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    We really need to understand this domestic violence and it’s also the global issue been observed every where and each one need to get clearly to avoid such practices that spoils the lives even its also called as self destructive element that the dominant person never get it how it’s affecting dependants …

  5. Waleed Ahmed Khan Reply

    Sehar ji, there are many so called educated people with impressive academics but have no idea how to apply it. Their behaviours are unbelievably toxic, cynic & negative.

  6. Niaz Nazeer Zahmhawk Reply

    I mean to say at office we say yes sir yes boss at office and we disrespect at home this is simply double standard as anger cintrolled at office and understanding controlled at home wah g wah question Mark for all those double standard we must remember we are accountable at office but also accountable to Allah so must make possible things easy soft cornered …

  7. Suneel Gaur Reply

    women harass their husbands after comparing their friends with them. friends who can afford designer perfumes,jewellery, cars, clothes.
    this gives rise to arrogance and ego from the wife if the husband can’t afford the.

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