LIVE Talk Show with Sehrish Kanwal on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

LIVE Talk Show with Sehrish Kanwal on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

Show Topic: Digital Marketing

Show Guest: Sehrish Asad – Founder & CEO Digital Umbrella, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Mentor

Sehrish is a Google Certified Marketer having vast experience in managing advance level marketing and lead generation campaigns.

Having worked with brands, startups, national and international clients for over a decade, she has developed a passion for working with individuals and businesses who are struggling with growth and building their digital presence. The reason many businesses struggle longer than others is due to the absence of vision & insight that help create a marketing and branding strategy that will bring results. Therefore, she closely works with struggling businesses helping them turn into brands.

Moreover, she has been speaking at sessions organized by HEC USAID Pakistan since 2015. She has also been working with British Council DICE Fellowship program as Mentor.

She is also the Founder and CEO of Digital Umbrella which is a Digital Marketing Company largely focused on Trainings and workshops across Pakistan. There’s more to it – she has been designing digital marketing courses for corporate sector, entrepreneurs & also empowering women entrepreneurs on smartly using social media.

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38 thoughts on “LIVE Talk Show with Sehrish Kanwal on The Aijaz Qureshi Show

  1. Usama Mubeen Reply

    Digital marketing is a broad term…is lea ma us kay baray may Question nhi karo ga. mera aik both simple question ha, ma nay aik business start kea ha aur us FB page banaya ha, ab next kya? kuch tips agar mil sakay. aur ma Rawalpindi aur Islamabad may kis thara fb kay through reach kar sakta hun?

  2. Syed Sharifuddin Reply

    You are right in saying that digital marketing is simply cut and paste. I would add that the company funding the ad are also not doing fair job in supporting nonsense.

  3. Syed Ali Husnain Reply

    In 2019, Which platform you recommend to content creators in regard to organic reach. As we have observed the ROI from LinkedIn is remarkable! So what’s played out for you?

  4. Syed Ali Husnain Reply

    And Nowadays, many digital marketers are emphasizing much on TIKTOK. So, Today being on this platform does make sense to you?
    Plus, How hiding likes feature will impact us (Marketers) in Long run?

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