LIVE Talk Show with Zakaria Shaikh Ashrafi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing Naat Khuwani.

LIVE Talk Show with Zakaria Shaikh Ashrafi on The Aijaz Qureshi Show discussing Naat Khuwani.

Show Guest: Zakaria Shaikh Ashrafi – Naat Khuwan / Nasheed Artist

Show Topic: Barkat E Ramzan

Muhammad Zakaria Shaikh Ashrafi from Karachi, Pakistan where his father Mr. Muhammad Tayyeb is a banker, a teacher and founded a welfare organization namely Fatima Educational Society and Hamza Academy in Shah Faisal Colony.

He has been publishing the magazines and after serving four years left the field of banking and started to run a travel agency. Then properly enter in the field of publishing and founded an organization namely Ashrafi Enterprises. Now he is serving as script writer and Researcher for different media organizations. He has also completed his Masters degree.

Having spirits to extend gratitude, which attracted him towards recitation of Holy verses, it is afresh as before yesterday but this is not the only reference of his identification but actually Zakaria Ashrafi has not only through his recitation of Naat also worked vigorously for the development of naat. Quarterly “Naat News” is a vivid example of it, to which he is the Editor and publisher as well for the naat recitors. Also published a book “Midhat-e-Shah-e-Dualam”. He has also ran a Naat Academy. “Nabi Ka Astana Mil Gia he” “Rabta Toor De Zamane se” Ya Muhammad Noor-e-Mujassam” are his famous naats, which he recited. A hamd in his voice “Tera Jamal-e-Dil-Nasheen” has been very much appreciated. Although he has been recognized, and affiliated as ‘A’ category artist in Radio and TV, but no album has yet been released. According to him a reason for this is that Naat Khawani is a source of sacred expression and many people are taking it as business point of view. He plans to maintain all ethics and norms. Naat recitation is a God gifted awarded to fortunate people. Zakaria Ashrafi recognizes Scholar and Naat poet “Rasheed Warsi”.

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