65 thoughts on “Live with Ammar Jaffri

  1. Sheikh Waqas Reply

    Salam, What you guys think of Entrepreneurs? Don’t you think that our entrepreneurial is very weak with no local investment opportunities plus the ideas are not very sustainable and long term.

    2nd, Dont you think that depending that much on tech will be a disaster.

  2. Sheikh Waqas Reply

    I think we all need to work really hard and we have to work together to focus on what are our strengths and how can we teach these skills in the communitiea where there are no facilities

  3. Ali Raza Reply

    Great point. Totally agreed with you Ammar sb. We reallly need to discus how we can improve our conutry and resolve the issues.

  4. Sheikh Waqas Reply

    What you guys think of Entrepreneurs, Dont you think that our eco system is weak and many fake people are part of it. the people trying hard is not given chance. no local investment is a great challenge. though now with govt/private partnerships i think we have a bright future.

    all we need is distruptive idea! the entrepreneurs need to understand that our focus should be on sustainable and long term solutions and not for the sake of “getting rid of jobs and bosses”

  5. Mahmood Mohammed Reply

    اور ھم نے جو تمکو دیا اس میں سے خرچ کرو یقینا یہ صرف روپے پیسے نہیں بلکہ وقت بھی ہے اور ساتھ ساتھ ہنر علم تعلیم سب

  6. Sheikh Waqas Reply

    We all need to put our efforts on doing and helpin eachother instead of leg pulling and criticism. Educate masses, help them learn the skills of future and instead of making them beggers lets empower them so they instead of asking for money create earning opportunities

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