32 thoughts on “Live with Faraz Darvesh from Karachi Pakistan

  1. Zia Khan Reply

    Once i saw Tourisim advertisment of India at CNN then i wish someday i will see promo to visit pakistan .

  2. Jawaid A. Siddiqi Reply

    First discuss and point out issues then discuss. Is Pakistan is a natural State? Why 1971 train event happened and what same is happening in Balochistan etc. Just do not be blind eyed support establishment.

  3. Jawaid A. Siddiqi Reply

    Image banaya nahi jata bunta hae warna Pakistani ruling Generals tu bhater image bana he rahae haen. This discussion is of very initial level. Will give nothing.

  4. Helpwala Qazi Ahmed Reply

    image saf dikhaney se kiya
    Humharey mulak ki gareebi khatam hojaegi??
    Or pakistan main Qanon ameer gareeb key lye ek hoga??
    Or marital par jobs milengi kiya faida hey??????

  5. Khalid Khan Reply

    American people know very well Pakistani people nice and smarts and hard working. Problem is Pakistani foreign affair Ministry, didn’t know how to improve our image and didn’t have any plan to work out European country or America. Mostly appointee in foreign country give the money to foreign affair big guys and get a job, these people just make money and go next station they don’t care Pakistani image and didn’t have any plan, if you want it I prove you. Pakistan is a great country but govt is not good. That’s why we are behind show our good image.

  6. Zia Khan Reply

    Sir surely there are many issues i think big issue is our education system .Unfortunatouly our majority of youth has superfical approach how can we eliminate that factor .? How can a student grow as productive .

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