Open LIVE Show with Friends – I welcome anyone and everyone

Open LIVE Show with Friends -Let’s have some Halla Gulla – Let’s have some Fun!

Friends let’s celebrate an other great year by Joining me on Facebook Live and YouTube Live to share what 2019 has to offer you and your plans/resolutions for 2020

This show is:

[=====> ✓ OPEN TO ALL ✓ <=====]

To join me LIVE, keep your mobile phones in the Landscape (Horizontal) position and click on the below link to join the show:

Everyone is welcome to join me #LIVE

#dreamstelevision #theaijazqureshishow #talkshow #aijazqureshi #aq #openshowI

67 thoughts on “Open LIVE Show with Friends – I welcome anyone and everyone

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  2. Sadaqat Mobeen Reply

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