For Private Meeting with DR. AIJAZ QURESHI from TORONTO, Canada, Social Media Publicity Professional, and Entrepreneurial Philanthropist

Dr. Aijaz Qureshi from Toronto, Canada is the Social Media Publicity Professional, and Entrepreneurial Philanthropist, host of Instant Publicity Interviews.Dr. Aijaz is an Advanced Online & Social Media Strategist and an seasoned Information Technology expert.Specializing in connecting people, mentoring, coaching, leading them to success and much more.Dr. Aijaz have interviewed thought leaders and mentors from around the world.As per Dr. Aijaz’ clients
Dr. Aijaz, you are doing a wonderful job.

To request a private 15-minute meeting with Dr.Aijaz Qureshi please choose any time from the following private calendar. Dr. Aijaz only takes calls with his clients or sponsors.

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