Show Topic: You can win!

The Aijaz Qureshi Show LIVE with Muzna Qayyum.

Show Topic: You can win!

Guest: Muzna Qayyum – Ultimate Fighter A proud Pakistani in The Netherlands

Muzna Qayyum is the one who defied all odds and made it in the land where everything was against her, the one who never stopped until she avenged her own wounded self, the one who was rejected by her immediates but now working for and with the ones who need her the most to find themselves.

The one who realized her worth long before people she trusted the most doubted her and told her otherwise.

And by HIS almighty’s grace, is now a recruiter in Amsterdam and helping people getting started with the steeper ladder of not just their careers but their lives as well.

The girl who made her story a Legend.

Muzna Qayyum who is an Ambassador of Amazing People of the World and giving her best contributions for helping out people of her country with all her sincerity and hard work.

62 thoughts on “Show Topic: You can win!

  1. Wasim Amin Reply

    Great Muzna Qayyum. I seriously love the way you carry yourself so confident.You are so kind and thoughtful. I appreciate you girl .

  2. ShahZeb Iqbal Reply

    It was an Amazing Show. Thank You Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala bhai for inviting Amazing Muzna Qayyum on Your Most Watched Show.

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