Special LIVE Talk Show on the topic of “Economic Impact of Corona”

LIVE Talk Show on the topic of Economic Impact of Corona.

Please join The Aijaz Qureshi Show Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 8pm Pakistan, 8:30pm India, 7pm UAE, and 11am New York Time.

Please have your questions ready for our most experienced and professional economists on the panel.

1. Dr. Zafar Kayani
Professor of Economics at Trent University, Ontario Canada. Major interest in macro and financial economics. Taught in past in different universities in Canada and overseas.

2. Dr. Shahid Naeem
Worked for Govt of Pakistan in development planning of least developed areas as well as poverty reduction. Has interest in issues like inequality, employment and inequality.

3. Dr. Muhammad Ayub Siddiqui
Professor at NUCES-Pakistan. FAST School of Management Sciences. Special Interest in the areas of finance, economics and political economy.

4. Dr. Nasir Ali
A pprofessional banker based in Abu Dhabi. He graduated in Financial Engineering from National University of Singapore and served as adjunct professor of Finance and Risk Management at Temple University Tokyo.

5. Farkhanda Shamim, MPhil, PhD
Professor of Economics and Finance, affiliated with Ryerson University Toronto, appointed goodwill ambassador of Alma Mater, Japan, Nagoya University, have served various academic insitutions in South Asia, Middle East and North America, and have published many research papers in high quality academic journals.

6. Mr. Tafseer Uddin
Masters of Economics and Founder of Canada-Pakistan ICT Forum.

7. Mr. Mahmood Anwar
An ex Employee of PIA. He is a great poet . He will present his Kalam (Poetry) on Carona Virus.

Friends can watch the Live show at:


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60 thoughts on “Special LIVE Talk Show on the topic of “Economic Impact of Corona”

  1. Awais Hameed Reply

    Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala I am on the journey to explore myself. I have some mission to be friends with great personalities in 2020. I love to see things differently and I believe that God created lots of people and he also create lots of paths to get success So one should not be traditional in thinking and don’t follow the existing path but to create new path. My name is Awais Hameed you can call me Awais as well. I am 19 years old. I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer. I want to add you as my friend on facebook so I can learn from your wisdom and grow myself.

    I am sure you will help me in that.

    • Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala Reply

      Awais Hameed Brother, thanks for t
      Reaching out via In-box and now here with the same message. Let me tell you that your introduction is one if the best that I have recieved so far on social media. I am sure that you are an enthusiastic person Masha’Allah.

      However, as I mentioned to you via In-box, my friends list is full so I can’t add any mew friends right now. I hope you understand.

  2. Adnan Shoaib Reply

    What about financial markets. Does covid-19 really contaminated the them or the market have trend of slump prior to that outbreak ??.

  3. Adnan Shoaib Reply

    Is there any conspiracy involved as all financial market looses almost more than 15% but chinese markets only looses 3% ?

  4. Adnan Shoaib Reply

    Question from Dr. Ayub. We can predict a V shaped curve for growth in China but we can’t predict that for USA why? And what about trend of developong world especially Pakistan and India ?

  5. Geeta KN Reply

    Dr zafar please can i know how much time it will take for whole world to come out economic cries, after this virus war

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