The Day Dreamers Show Live with Dr. Farah Khan

The Day Dreamers Show

Live with Dr. Farah Khan, an expert in Mind Sciences, Reiki master teacher, Hypnotherapist, NLP expert, EFT Consultant, authentic mental training programme (Silva method certified instructor) trainer, meditation master, and spiritual healer.

Topic: Genius Kids

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80 thoughts on “The Day Dreamers Show Live with Dr. Farah Khan

    • The Day Dreamers Show Reply

      Sorry bhai, program ka waqt khatam ho gaya tha, is liyay aap ka sawal nah lay sakay. Insha’Allah Dr. Farah Khan aap kay sawal ka jawab zaroor dain gi.

  1. Bibi Yana Reply

    Great informative discussion.
    Parents must watch. Thanks Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala Sir for your this effort. I personally curious to follow this show 💕

  2. Anjum Shakila Reply

    I disagree on some points k bacha korey kaagaz ki tarha hota hy jb k research kehti hy k bacha maa k pait se he sub cheezein sekh k aata hy….3 years tk bachay ka 70 to 80% brain complete hochuka hota hy….5 saal ma tu bacha bht aagy ja chuka hota hy….even Drs are start working from 3rd month of pregnancy

  3. Shuja Saghir Khan Reply

    great ap as anchor maray program utube or google par mara nam dr shuja saghir khan lek kar enter karay mara program awaz ibneadam a raha ho ga

  4. Naadeem Falsafaywala Reply

    Something logical, I have heard today! 🙂 Good discussion and very productive 🙂 I am happy people in Pakistan are talking on pupils’ psychology! Are we targeting students’ interest during lessons in Pakistan…. still not clear….? or let me put this way the question : Are we targeting each individual’s interest during the lessons ? Thank you for the good discussion!

    • Aijaz Qureshi Canadawala Reply

      The Aijaz Qureshi Show is an informational program that believes in knowledge sharing by bringing various esteemed guests to share their experiences with our audience. We do not target any specific group or groups of people.

      Dr Farah Khan is an expert in her field, an I am thankful for her time and efforts on this show.

      Thanks so much for your comments

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