The Day Dreamers Show Guest: Myra Jilani #DreamsTelevision #TheDayDreamersShow #AijazQureshi #MyraJilani

The Day Dreamers Show

Guest: Myra Jilani

#DreamsTelevision #TheDayDreamersShow #AijazQureshi #MyraJilani

82 thoughts on “The Day Dreamers Show Guest: Myra Jilani #DreamsTelevision #TheDayDreamersShow #AijazQureshi #MyraJilani

  1. Sumara Dilpazir Reply

    Domestic Violence never ends. Women, particularly think that it will be OK with the passage of time but once abused is always abused. The only solution is “ESCAPE”.

  2. MarVi AwAn Reply

    We have solved around 700 cases of all forms of violence – Harassment and Blackmailing in 2 years of time. This is something very common in our society Women started consider it their fate and man become use to of being dominant.
    Here we need to make women realise to stop – speak – educate herself about it.

  3. Osaid Raza Reply

    I just wanted to say to every mankind “if you see harassment happening, speak up. Being harassed is terrible; having bystanders pretend they don’t notice is infinitely worse”.

  4. Umar Farook Reply

    Salam from Milan Italy… I missed live discussion….. So happy….. I will look forward to u…… So many topics to discuss…..

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